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Practical Manual to Past Life Regression: Step by Step Guide and Hypnosis ScriptsThird Edition. 230 pages.

This book will teach you how to do past life regression like a professional hypnotist. In this short and easy to understand guide, you will learn:

- What past life regression is and the benefits of it

- How to regress yourself and others one-on-one or in a group setting

- How to heal your present by healing your past

- How to recognize the meaning behind the symptoms

- How to earn money by doing past life regression and promote your services

- How to recognize and untangle karmic relationships

- How to connect with your soul family members and call in a soulmate

- Energetic cleansing and protection

- Energetic cord cutting

Scripts included: two variations of past life regression; grounding; protection; connecting with your soul family; meet your soulmate; general healing.

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Regain the Sense of Smell: Home Remedies for Anosmia


Before I started seeing clients in my hypnotherapy practice, I had no idea how common the loss of smell is, and how little help the medical world has to offer to these people. Through practice and continuing research, I have developed a protocol that proved to be effective for many of my clients. Some were able to regain the sense of smell partially and some to the full 100%. I know that not everyone has this sort of service available, and this is why I am sharing the techniques and practices that you can perform on your own in the comfort of your home.
I remember the very first inquiry I have had received from a gentleman that suffered from anosmia for many years. He said: “I just want to smell roses again before I die.” It made me think about how we take for granted what we have, and only when we lose it do we truly realize how big of a gift it was.
My hopes are to help you to smell the roses again, to smell fresh cut grass, to smell wood burning in fireplace and enjoy festive aromas of Christmas morning. I wish you to live your life to the fullest and enjoy it with all the senses that God gave you.



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Anosmia Protocol for Hypnotherapists


This manual is based on my book that I published earlier “Regain the Sense of Smell. Home Remedies for Anosmia.” This book was meant for general public and, specifically, for people that suffer from anosmia. Shortly after I published it, many of my colleagues reached out and asked if I would share any of my hypnotic scripts for this issue. You will find here the hypnotic scripts for anosmia I use and ready to print hangouts with some guidance for your clients to take home. You will also find the guidance for energy healing which you can facilitate for your clients in the office or print out and give it as a self-healing guide to your clients for home use. I’ve chosen the 8.5” x 11” format to make it easier for you to print needed pages.


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Magical Dreamland: Hypnotic Night Story (Hypnotic Night Stories)

This night story was created for your children by a professional hypnotherapist. It’s written in hypnotic language that is designed to help your child relax and sleep better. It will trigger positive changes on the subconscious level and will wire your child’s mind for successful life. All you need to do is to read this story just like you would read any bedtime story. Read in a calm soothing voice, making small pauses between sentences. The more times you read it the better results your children will experience. At first, read this story 3-4 nights in a row. After that, read it at least once per week.


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